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BME 1.1.7 January 2023, Market Report.


The first trading month is much quieter and less volatile compared to the remainder of the year. This is due to banks and hedge funds commencing normal operations during the second week of January. In regards to this, we have yielded a satisfactory return on investment percentage considering the current market conditions.

We have rotated between the four pairs mentioned above during the month to maximize profit and not over-risk our client accounts. We forecast a higher then average ROI for February. This month, the system averaged a daily ROI of +0.23% or in monetary terms, £5.75 per day (per £2,500 investment).

We deactivated the system on Wednesday 25th January as we were satisfied with the ROI for the period. We were confident that any further reward would not substantiate any potential risk of drawdown.

Screenshot 2023-02-02 at 12.41.09.png

Myfxbook is a leading online tracking service that provides traders and investors with audited analytics and performance-tracking tools. Using this allows Bi-Metallic Exchange to publish the exact trading data to a Myfxbook account. Bi-Metallic Exchange is able to provide a transparent and reliable representation of the system's performance. This allows potential clients to make informed decisions about their trading and provides a clear understanding of the system's capabilities and results. The import of this data allows Bi-Metallic Exchange to showcase the performance of the system while preserving the confidentiality of the source. This approach provides a comprehensive and objective representation of the system's performance while maintaining the highest standards of confidentiality and security.


The foreign exchange markets are expected to remain volatile in the near term. However, the trading algorithm, with its sophisticated market analysis and execution capabilities, is well-positioned to navigate these market conditions and deliver positive returns for its investors while maintaining a medium/ low-risk approach. 

The trading activity is expected to pick up in February, and the team looks forward to seeing how the algorithm performs in the coming months. We are optimistic about the outcome of Q1 2023 and remain confident with the trading algorithm's ability to deliver positive returns for our clientele.

The algorithms developers will continuously evaluate market conditions and adjust risk profiles accordingly, with the aim of increasing and decreasing risk when deemed safe to do so.

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